Finding the right College for You…

Are you looking for the best College at the best price? College Finders is the best place to quickly get to compare different course offerings and prices. Simply fill in the Application Form and we shall find you the best College and the best courses at the best prices from some of the top Colleges in South Africa.
If you are worried about paying too much for a course of study, or if you are worried about signing up with a College, only to discover many hidden costs once you are registered, you must know which questions to ask! And you must know how to compare different College Courses with each other.
Most people only look at one or two Colleges, and even if you try and compare them, often you simply do not know which questions to ask to make sure that you get the right course at the right price with no “hidden cost” surprises afterwards.
It is probably easier to compare cell phone companies than it is to compare colleges!
Our online course quote service is very easy, quick and totally free. We do not earn commission from any College, so you can trust that we will only recommend the right college for you. We earn our income by means of advertising on our website.


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What do i need to ask?


Here are just some of the questions you must ask a College when you are comparing different colleges and different courses:

  • If I pay monthly, will you charge me interest? And if you charge me interest, what is the interest rate?
  • If I am unable to pay, will you “hand me over” so that I can end up being Blacklisted with a bad credit record?
  • Does the course fee include study material?
  • Does the course fee include exam fees?
  • Does the course fee include Institute Membership?
  • If the course takes longer than a year, will I have to re-register the second year? And will I have to pay a re-registration fee?
  • What is your cancellation policy? Does the College allow its students to cancel?
  • If my plans change, can I change my course? And if I want to cancel my course, what will it cost?
  • How can I find out what your current students think of your College?

College Finders will give you the personal and professional attention you expect, to make sure you make the right choice. And we bring the ability to compare courses and prices from various top Colleges.

Are you searching for: Short courses, Full programmes, Home study or Full-time study?

Simply fill in our secure online form. We shall then notify top Colleges in South Africa, who will compete to give you the best possible deal.
And we shall make sure that the quotes you get, have taken into account all your personal requirements.
We shall also insure that there are no surprises in hidden costs.
Because we know what questions to ask, we can make sure that you really get the best deal, not the deal that just look the best!


Making The Right Choices.


Let us help you make one of the most important decisions of your life. Make sure you are not mislead by smooth talking sales people, who try and sell you a dream, without helping you make absolutely sure you understand all the costs and requirements of the course you choose. We know what question to ask you, and we know what questions to ask the Colleges – so we make sure that you have selected absolutely the right course for you, before you make the decision to enrol.
Here is a list of thing that can help you make smart decisions for your career and your studies. Click on the links below for more help in turning your dreams of study into the reality of graduating!


  1. Choose a college – we get quotes from some of the top Colleges in South Africa
  2. Choose a course – let us help you pick the best course for you, by making sure we understand your personal needs and where you are in your career path
  3. Writing the best CV – you need a professional CV to make sure you make the right impression on Educational Institutions, as well as Employers you want to approach…
  4. Finding a Job – maybe you simply need help finding a job? Let us direct you to the best place to get a new job.
  5. Financing your Studies– if you can afford to pay for your whole programme up-front, let us negotiate a good discount for you. If you need a study loan, we can apply on your behalf.
  6. Deadlines – make sure you understand all deadlines regarding course registration, exam registration and payment dates
  7. Filling in Application forms – As a rule, Educational Institutes will not take you seriously if you do not complete all forms correctly and in detail. You do not want the Educational Institution to think that you are not serious about your studies!
  8. Presenting yourself – How you go about selling yourself to the Educational Institute might make the difference between admission or having to keep on searching…
  9. What if your plans change? – Life happens, and sometimes that means you have to change your plans
  10. The College Finders Process – what happens to your application once you have submitted it to us?